Tuning Forks

Angel Tuner Flat ForkTuning forks are precise instruments that have the ability to change our inner tuning by creating a resonance throughout our mind, emotions, and body.
They do this by creating a vortex of sound that leads us into still point, a moment where everything seems to stop and we can retune ourselves.
Our nervous system, like the string of a musical instrument, vibrates to the sound of the tuning forks.
The sound of your nervous system is your body’s resonance with your deep inner tuning.
Listen to the sound as you would the sound of a tuning fork or musical composition.
Discover where the sound takes you and be aware of any images, thoughts or colors you experience.
Notice if the sound changes. You may spontaneously enter a still point (sacred space) and return to discover that the sound of your nervous system has changed.
Once you have discovered the sound of your nervous system, use tuning forks to tune yourself and hear the difference.
You get immediate results from playing tuning forks.
As you build your confidence both in understanding and sonic experience, you will be prepared to understand more advanced concepts and uses of tuning fork healing.